Points of interest near Casa Lina

St George’s Cathedral

St George’s Cathedral is the mother church of Modica, and comes under the administration of the Province of Ragusa. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The birthplace of Salvatore Quasimodo

The poet was born on 20th August 1901 and was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature on 10th December 1959. The house can be visited. It contains a wrought iron bedstead as well as other early 20th century furniture and decor.

St Peter’s Cathedral

A beautiful flight of steps with statues of the 12 apostles, known locally as “santoni”, leads to the simple but impressive façade which is divided into two architectural orders. Having been declared a mother church on a par with St George’s, it was the “official” church of the counts of Modica.

The Castle of the Counts

The castle was, for centuries, the seat of political and administrative power in the noble county of Modica and it is a visible symbol of the city. Built on the top of a rocky spur, it functioned for centuries as a warning to enemies and a natural defence for the capital of the noble county.

The Museum of Chocolate

Chocolate, the smbol and pride of this part of Sicily, is celebrated in all its glory in a museum which brings together its history and tastes. Inaugurated in 2014 in a wing of the impressive Palazzo della Cultura, it offers visitors an enchanting experience during which they can learn interesting facts and anecdotes about this delicacy.